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UFO photo (Gellery)

UFO Photos (Gallery)

If you have taken a picture of a UFO and would like to add your photo to our UFO photos gallery please register at the bottom of the page.

Fake UFO? Is this fake or is this real.

Full Moon This is a full moon and not an orb...

UFO or not... This photo was taken with a camera phone. With the advent of camera phones there will be more and more pictures taken of unidentified flying objects.

UFO photo Is this the proof you need? You Decide.

Thank you to Ivan for the UFO Photo below, as you can see in the close up, the object is showing a shadow, (from the sun) on the underside. Is this a true UFO?

UFO Picture

Clos up of UFO Picture

My name is Ivan Pedraza I am a graphic designer, 46 years old. The photo was taken with a 3.5 megapixel Canon Cybershot digital camera. The day was Monday 05 January 2006. It was sunny and many clouds sparced. The time was 4:14 p.m. (afternoon)
Location: Barranquilla, Colombia (Northern coast.)

I never saw the object. I was pointing the camera to the helicopter hovering the city. I took three pictures but only in the third one appear what it seems a lenticular object, but is somewhat blurry. I enclosed two of them.

In the helicopter there was some politicians of our city. Coming along with our president there was another helicopter a military one but it was in the other side of the buidling and I just could heard the noise. I was in a fourth floor.

UFO Picture

This photo was taken on August 22nd 2006 In Daytona Beach Fl. It was taken near the beach at approximately 2:30 PM with partly cloudy skies using an HP 5mega pixel digital camera.

kaylie Roberts

Thank you for your UFO photo kaylie. After enlarging the image you could say it looks like a large bird, however I am not convinced this is a bird or is it?

UFO Picture

Hi. My name is Kelly. This picture was taken on April 20th 2006 at 5:04 P.M. with a Cannon Power Shot A520. The weather was very nice, warm and sunny.

I took it while I was driving North on interstate 5 in the Golden Triangle area, La Jolla California. The church is The Church of the Latter Day Saints. I told my daughter to roll down her window, and stuck my arm over her and pointed towards the church and took the picture. I didnt see the dark object until after I downloaded the images onto my pc the next day or that evening. If you look at the clouds to the right and up, they look like that thing just zipped out of them and the draft was pulling them after it a little ways.

UFO Picture Close Up My friend said that the building underneath it and to the right was a hospital but that the object was too large to be a helicopter. I dont know but its wierd. You check it out and see what you think...

Thank you kelly. Keep your UFO photos coming in.

UFO picture

Hi, I am a retired wedding photographer. After leaving a wedding reception late at night in 1972 I looked up at the sky and saw a bright light. I had a few exposures left in my camera so I set the lens on infinity and took a photo of the bright light The enclosed photo is what I saw. I have only showed it to family and friends and forgot about it until I came across your website. I hope you find it interesting.

Regards, Lee Alexander, Florida

1972 well how many people have kept their old pictures, its great to see. Thank you Lee

It does not matter where or when your ufo photos were taken, we will be pleased to include them on our site.

UFO in Poland

Hello Mark Dutot I send you picture taken with the Kodak Easyshare C743 in Otmuchow lake in Poland.

Zbigniew Kazmierczak


Two UFOs I am uncertain as to the conditions that have being asked for with regard to weather conditions, date, time or the exact place, i just know that it was taken in Dublin with a cheep digital camera, (3 or 4 megapixles I think). Mainly because it was not me that took the picture but rather I found it on my camera after it was given to me. I am sorry that I could me provide much more information, but thank you for your time with this.

Mark Waslsh

Is it a UFO

Well is it Hi People,

I am from England and this was taken by my Uncle XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX (name withheld by site editor) on a Business trip to Blackpool. He has severe shakes so the picture was taken by his Tai wife who accompanies him as his nurse. Shortly after this was taken he was taken to court for mis representing Blackpool's image by using what they say could only be a duck flying past the camera. This broke his heart and now lives in Scotland as a recluse with his two pet dogs.

Please take this opportunity to have a look as he swears at it was real and has two witnesses, i feel it would be a good sighting to have. Plus i looked into it and its very clear too, you can see the chewing gum on the streets.


Nathan (Surname withheld by the site editor)

These UFO Photos and text came from Randy
(Surname withheld by the editor)

UFO Picture

Menifee Ca. is the place. The date was in 2007 I cant remember the month or day. It was about 10:00 am if I remember right. The weather was very cloudy. My name is Randy Englehart and the Camera was a Kodak digital camera EasyShare C300. I had the zoom lens out. The thing I saw was rectangular in a vertical position, solid black in color. It did not make any noise or move (it was as though it was fixed in the sky) It stayed their for about 5 minutes and then slowly moved straight up until it disappeared in the clouds. I am not sure of the size but I would say It was about 60 feet tall and 15 feet wide. It was much bigger than my pictures seem to make it look.
I have no Idea what it was but I suspect it could have been some sort of giant camera. I hope the pictures reach you okay as I am not to computer savvy. Thanks.

UFO Picture

Thanks Randy, the pictures reached me just fine, thanks for your contribution.

Thank you for sending us your UFO photos, keep them coming.

All of this does not mean that UFO proof is not out there. But do we really want them to land on The White House lawn...

There are many sightings every day by people from all walks of life. Just because you have not seen one yet does not mean that you never will.
Keep an open mind when looking at all UFO pictures. Remember most UFO sightings can be explained. It's the few that just can't be explained that hit the headlines.

Follow this link to see a collection UFO pictures that have been collated and presented in video format's by Scott Corrales. All rights reserved.

We look forward to receiving your photographs. Help build a gallery of sightings, ask friends that have taken UFO photos to visit us and include their picture on our site.

Not all UFO pictures are of alien space craft. The majority of sightings have a rational explanation. These explanations can range from a reflection from the camera lens to conventional aircraft seen from an unusual angle.

Have a look at these photo's and see if what you are looking at is a reflection from the camera lens, an aircraft or maybe a made up fake...
You never know these photographs may just remain unexplained. Click on an image to go to the photo gallery.

UFO in Poland

UFO over water

Fake or not?

Nazi UFO In the 1940s the Germans designed and built saucer shaped aircraft. However, the flying saucers never saw action during the Second World War.

When the allies liberated Europe and moved into Germany many of the secret weapons projects that the German scientists had developed during the course of the war were taken back to Russia and America. Work then started on developing this technology further.

In America the most famous result of capturing German technology was the eventual development of the Saturn V series of rockets, distant cousins of the V-2 weapon developed by Wernher von Braun for the German high command. Saturn V is the rocket that launched the Apollo missions into space and sent Neil Armstrong and crew to the moon.

In 1947 the first report of circular shaped flying craft was made by pilot Kenneth Arnold on the 24th June. Arnold claimed to have seen nine objects in flight near Mount Rainier, Washington. Arnold described the odd shaped craft saying "they flew erratic, like a saucer if you skip it across the water." This coined the phase “flying saucer” that has been with us ever since.

American Flying Saucer Now we know about the work the Germans did with flying disks it stands to reason that the Americans took that technology home with them. We also know that during the 1950s the United States Air Force built and flew saucer shaped craft. The flying saucers, being highly unstable in flight, caused the project to be abandoned. But did the research stop?

Consider this: If the US military had these craft in their possession and tested the aircrafts capabilities, could this have been what Arnold actually saw?
Arnold’s sighting sounds like he could have witnessed a test flight of the German “flying saucers”. And what about other UFO sightings? Could some of these be attributed to “secret flying objects” being developed by various agencies over the world?

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