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The Best UFO Pictures inYear 2006

2006 Kaufman, Texas, 01-07. It was 12:50 PM, today, 01-07-2006 when I took the photo. The saucer appears to me to have a orb/spheroid beneath it also. Looks like 2006 is going to be a very good year for UFOs. I'm sending you a cropped and enlarged photo of the object, also sending you a copy of the original if you want to clean it up for better viewing, I haven't done anything to the cropped version except enlarge it. © lawwalk 2006
2006 Itchaca, New York-01-16-06-What was unusual about this group of lights was that the colors were a pale yellow, stationary. and very low above the hills in front of me. I quickly retrieved my Olympus C-740 Zoom digital camera from my office. The object was still not moving when I returned and seemed to be of incredible size, like two 747 jets placed together nose to tail. How was it possible that an object this large could stay in the sky, was my first thought. I placed the lens right up against the glass so as not to get any reflection and took three shots. That is when the object began to move very slowly towards the North heading over Cuyuga Lake. original source:
2006-Tricase, Italy-Sighting Report: Date: January 8, 2006 Time: 11:30 a.m. Tricase (Lecce) Italy-During a walk with their own sons in marine locality greenhouse of Tricase. Without a warning, I sighted a unidentified flying object that to constant speed it was moved in east direction. Non introduced no type of effects collaterals in zone. Thank you to the witness for the report and photos. original source:, Photos © Tricase, Italy witness
2006-Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico-The UFO Casebook received the following report on 01-30-06 of a sighting with photograpy on 01-28-06. I'm going to send you two clear examples of objects which are flying near airplanes. I can only see one object in the second photo; but it flying very fast. In the first photograph, I didn't´see the object but it appeared when the picture was uploaded to my computer.It was a cloudy day when the photos were taken. The photos were taken with a Kodak Easy Share DX4530 digital camera in auto mode, near the airport of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.
2006-Kaufman, Texas It seems like I send you two close together everytime here lately. This one was taken on 01-24-2006 approximately 5:30pm. I was taking photos of this small plane because it was travelling fairly fast and I couldn't make it out too good through the viewfinder and thought it may not be a plane. I took about five photos of it and this object was in just one of them. If it was another plane or bird, it should have been in two or three of them at least, but it wasn't. So I'm thinking it could be something else. I'm sending you also a copy of the original for your analysis. © lawwalk 2006
2006-February 9. Tyne/ Wear- U K. On the 9th of February 2006 at 4 PM I was looking out of the window of my home in the Tyne and Wear area of the North East of England, when I saw at least 20 glowing objects come out of the sky. I saw around 15 of the objects proceed back into the clouds and I got my camera. I quickly opened the window and was able to take a picture of the 5 remaining objects. I then saw 5 more come across the sky so I took a picture of them and then yet again 4 more came across the sky and I got yet another picture. The objects stopped coming so I went outside to investigate. I walked to the area in which the UFOs were flying over and one of the UFOs flew directly over my head and then proceeded into a cloud. I waited for quite while then went back home because I had not seen any more objects. © Sam W.

2006-Argentina, Photography of UFOs taken with a cellular phone, Argentina 2006. Photographic sequence of Alexander Gabriel Garci'a, who photographed an unidentified flying object in the Lagoon of Go'mez de Junín, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, the past 10 of January of the 2006. He used built-in camera VGA of the cellular telephone Treo 600. © Alexander Gabriel Garcia. original source;
2006-Los Angeles, California-February 8, Ana Luisa Cid Reports: These photos were taken with a digital camera and suggest the possible presence of "chance UFOs" that were not visually noticed by the witnesses. The image of the Zeppelin belongs to Eduardo García and was taken on February 8, 2006 in Los Angeles, California at 5:52 p.m. using a Nikon D-70 camera. © Eduardo García
2006-San Diego, California-February 7. This is only one of a series of photographs taken by Jen F. They were all taken between 4 - 5 pm on 2/7/06 while driving home with my husband from work. We were driving westbound. They were taken with my Mustek. The really unusual thing about this photograph is that there are two separate anomalous objects , one at upper left, and the other at lower right. A big thanks to Jen F. © Jennifer F.
2006-02-18-I was taking photos of clouds with the sun behind them on 02-16-2006 at about 4:00 PM. Sometimes when I do this if the sun is just in the right position, the clouds will light up with different colors as this one did. On the left side of this photo something else appeared in between the clouds also. As I've said before, some of these objects I see and some I don't but the camera catches them. I have often noticed when taking photos especially with the camera zoomed, these objects are moving so fast across the viewfinder, by the time I see them and snap the picture, they're gone, and I miss them. I know the objects are usually around clouds, fast jets and their trails and if I take photos of these, the objects sometimes appear and get caught by the camera. © lawwalk 2006.
2006-March 10-A chance photograph of a UFO has been taken in Orizaba by Rossana Tejeda Lopez. The photograph was taken at night on March, 10, when the Moon was bright. Rossana filmed the UFO from her garage. Her first photo there is a very luminous, orange-colored object. The second photo does not show an object, but the third one does. There was nothing unusual seen by the photographer as she was snapping the photos. She was only trying to photograph the sky. © R T Lopez
2006-March 23-March 23, 2006- A chance UFO was captured on photograph by Germa'n Sanchez during a flight from San Diego Calexico, on board of a small plane. The sighting occurred at 9:40 AM. Mr. Sanchez used a Sony DSC-P92 camera. The photographs were sent to me by the photographer's brother, Gabriel. I appreciate his valuable collaboration. A big thanks to Ana Luisa Cid,
2006-07-06-Photos taken by Jaime Melo, a resident of Puerto Rico, during his visit to the Chichen-Itza archaeological site in Yucatan (Mexico) Taken at 13:38 hours using a 3.2 megapixel Polaroid PDC-3070. This evidence was provided by Peter (sic) to researcher Lucy Guzmán who in turn forwarded it to Ana Luisa Cid for a joint investigation. Preliminary analyses shed favorable results, finding that the material is indeed genuine. We likewise obtained a considerable similarity with a photo taken at the very same pyramid of Kulkulkan in 2005 by Argentinean tourist Alejandro Gabriel Garcia during a tour to the Yucatan Peninsula. We therefore believe that chance UFO sightings occur in the Mayan ruins of Mexico, since both witnesses state that no object could be seen in the sky at the moment that the photos were taken. ref: Ana Luisa Cid (México)
2006-OIL PLATFORM OF LOGWOOD -- Rossana Tejeda, the leader of the Sleeper of Orizaba, reports for Jaime Maussan and For several days my friend who we will call Juan Pablo because he wishes to remain anonymous sent photos to me that captured a strange object. Juan Pablo was taking photos of impressive squalls in the Gulf of Mexico with his digital camera and never imagined that he could also capture something else. An apparent metal object was detected in the clouds. Thanks to Rossana Tejeda, the leader of the Sleeper of Orizaba, reports for Jaime Maussan and
2006-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology-February 21, 2006-12 February 2006-Multiple UFO Sighting in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Several UFOs were recorded in northern Mexico. The evidence was filmed by Efren Sauceda Tello using a Sony Digital TRV380 camcorder on February 12, 2006. The witness says that a total of 4 sightings took place and that all of the cases involved very shiny objects that descended along the slopes of the Topo Chico hill until they lost themselves in the thickets. © ana luisa cid
2006-02-18, Location: Przemysl, Woj.Podkarpackie, POLAND-Date: 18/02/06-Time: 10:20 a.m. Presented photos were taken by Mrs. Jadwiga ¯muda [read: Jadvigha Zshmouda] from Przemysl [read: Pshemyshl] on 18th February 2006. The photos were taken with a digital camera from a balcony of her flat. The witness didn't see the objects and she is shocked by a fact that they were so close to her. A fragment of the witness' relation: "On photos taken by me on 18th February 2006, at around 10:20 I noticed something rather odd. I took these photos from a balcony of my flat with my digital camera because the weather was good and clear. I must add that I'm a rationalist and to be honest - I don't believe in any UFOs and similar stuff. But the thing I saw on the photo surprised me. ©
2006-Beer Sheva, Israel. March- The sky was perfectly blue. I work on my computer at home, I wanted to smoke a cigarette in my garden, and I saw that enormous black circle over my house. I took my digital camera: Canon Powershot G1, and I took these pictures with the LCD screen because the sun in the middle of the black circle. After ten minutes, that black circle disappeared, and the sky was blue again. I wanted to see this phenomena on my computer, and I saw these three spherical objects on move outside the black circle. © Patrice Kaminski
2006-March 6-Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology-GENERAL ALVEAR – A businessman fishing along the banks of the Atuel River managed to photograph a UFO that was suspended in the air for some 30 seconds before it took off in the general direction of the cordillera. The image shows a UFO immersed in a fireball, and it could well be considered a meteorite, although those who saw it say that “given its trajectory and movements, it could not have been one.”
2006-24 April 2006-Bridlington UFO fan Paul Sinclair spotted the object over Blackburn Avenue at around midnight and managed to get these photographs. He said: "I cannot explain why or how but I sensed something and looked up into the sky. It was very dark with low cloud cover. "I could see an orange light and a dark oval shape of some kind within the cloud."© Paul Sinclair
2006-POLAND/GERMANY: UFO photographed on Flight from Gdansk 04-18-06-Presented photo was taken from a plane probably somewhere near Köln by Mr. Roman Kapturkiewicz from Gdynia [Poland]. The plane was heading to Köln from Gdansk [Poland]. The witness' statement: I send a photo taken with a digital camera [Sony Cybershot Dsc-F707] on April 18th 2006 at 12:51:56 during a flight from Gdansk to Köln. The plane took off from Gdansk at about 11:55 and the flight lasted about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Polish UFO Journal 2006 ©
2006-Mexico-The possibility of an astronomical event has been mentioned, but the data does not confirm this option, since, apparently, it crossed the Mexican territory at various times of the night. We are awaiting knowing greater information on the matter to clear doubts of the sighting of the Good Friday. ©
2006-On May 1st 2006 my father had to drive from Chester, England to Porthmadog, North Wales, for work reasons. At approx 4:45 PM on the return journey, he was driving south, approaching the village of Gellilydan when he became aware of a "silhouetted cigar shaped object" flying 'gently' below cloud level in an easterly direction about two miles ahead of him. He lost sight of it a few times due to the landscape, but having passed by the village, it became apparent that it was flying slowly north (towards him). Assuming it was a 'regular aircraft' that he couldn't quite visualize properly, he was more interested than concerned at this point, and due to its apparent flight path over the open countryside, he figured it would clear him by less than a mile to the west when it passed. So, his interest was piqued ("is it a helicopter or a plane?" he wondered) and he reduced his driving speed to approx 20-30 mph in order to get a better view.

As the flying object approached a point about 3/4 mile south west of his vehicle, he realized it was actually 'cylindrical'. It had a reflective convex base and a very subtle (barely noticeable) "electric blue" aura. He could only really see the underneath due to its angle. This took him back ("my heart rate accelerated") and having a camera on him, decided to pull over onto a grass verge and take a photo. source:

2006-Guatemala-A photograph taken by Jeysen Caban Fernandez, taken during the Good Friday processions (14 April 2006) in the Central Square of Antigua, Guatemala. "When I took the photos with my digital camera I didn't see anything, but when I downloaded them to the computer, I was able to see this object in the sky, which is very close to the Volcan de Agua volcano that borders the city. I consulted this with other people and we believe it cannot represent either a plane or a bird."Jeysen is a native of Puerto Rico. He employed a Kodak EasyShare CX-7300 camera with normal exposure times.
2006-Argentina-April, 20th-Arturo Robles Gil writes, "Here is this controversial photo of this object that suggest a flying disk in a magnified size, unfortunately my position has to be on the skeptical and objective side. It is more easy to think that this object is a balloon rather than a truly flying disc." "The shape does not correspond with a metallic flat surface, instead the surface criteria is more on the side of the possibility of a balloon. Sometimes projection and incidence of the light can transform the shape that anyone could be confused.""Any way, I love this picture, but at the same time I feel sad because what I thought to be something spectacular could be a simple balloon. I am very sorry if at first glance I was confused." &
2006-Modesto, CA-I was feeling pretty good about my 'captures' and went back outside to retrieve my camera and tripod, (this was about an hour later). I had just grabbed the tripod and started to walk back when I noticed a huge reflection in the North by Northwest skies. Well I thought to myself, I'm here with the camera and tripod in my hand so what the hell lets take a few more shots!. I had the camera in burst mode so was able to fire off five shots instantly and then came back inside to see if I'd gotten lucky again. The very first shot nearly made me fall out of my chair. It seem to have many of the characteristics of a classic disc. I quickly opened up the small photo program to zoom in on the object and was surprised to see what appears to be a cupola on the top of this object. There also appears to be a few of the orb or spheroid shaped objects flying nearby. source-Johnny Anonymous, &
2006-New Zealand-The "Yaldhurst UFO" other reports have been flooding in, including this picture from real estate agent Grant. Grant reports hearing a bang the same afternoon and then took this picture which, to Peeps's eye at least, looks remarkably like a Zyborg V Intergalactic Shuttle containing 1200 shapeshifters from the Seventeenth Dimension. Grant, who says he is "not into UFOs or anything", is nevertheless at a loss to explain what it is. Source-,2106,2410813a7574,00.html
2006-Monterrey, Mexico-This photograph was captured by René Paul Mounts of Oca, May 7, 2006 at 18:46 hrs. The witness went to a concert in the Monterrey Arena, when on the way she took some photos at Cerro de la Silla, obtaining one image which contained a chance UFO. René Paul used an HP Photosmart M22 camera and the photo is courtesy of Francisco Carmona.
2006-Poznan, Poland, 05-26-06, On May 26th 2006 Mrs. Paulina from Poznan [Posen] took a photo of a chance UFO in Jezyce forest in Poznan. "I went to the forest with my mate and my dog in order to take some photos and we managed to take a strange photo. We were taking photos for fun and we downloaded them on my computer in my house. One of the photos surprised us because we hadn't seen something like it before. I don't know what it is but it looks like a UFO in my opinion. My dad told me that it is just a malfunction of the camera and he ordered me to remove the photo because there isn't anything strange on it. But I decided to send it secretly. I took it on May 26th 2006 at 17:24 in Jezyce forest in Poznan." The photo was taken with Casio EX S500 camera.
2006-Spring, Texas-06-04-06- I have attached two photos here that are very interesting. The first one I have lightened up a bit because it was really dark, a picture of the night sky. I was taking a picture of the moon and saw this image on my photo after I had taken it. Now I saw nothing or heard nothing. This to me looks like maybe a military aircraft of some kind. The question is why didn't I hear it and why didn't I see it? Is it ours or NOT ours? There was no sound or lights what so ever. I only saw the moon in a pitch black sky. So is this a spy plane of some kind? You be the judge. All I know is that it is very interesting to see something that is in our night sky over our homes that has no lights or sound and can fly at a very high altitude. source:, © Deb Newman
2006-Peru-06-20-06. SOURCE: Ana Luisa Cid -DATE: 06.19.06 According to the preliminary report by Dr. Anthony Choy, this UFO was photographed by Marco Antonio Zeballos, a member of the Civil Defense Regional Committee (CRDC), when the witness was in the town of Matalaque preparing to evacuate families affected by the volcano. Researcher Choy says that the photo has not yet been subjected to detailed scrutiny. However, in his opinion, there is a high likelihood that it is an anomalous object that crossed the camera's field of view, without entirely dismissing that it could be an insect or bird that flew past quickly, causing distortion in the image. Photo © Marco Antonio Zeballos
2006-Jackfish Creek, Alberta, Canada-July 3-I saw a beam of light and I have 2 photos. The first, is a photo of Jackfish bridge with a disk shaped object, and a beam of light just missing it. The object has a bright area on top of it, almost like a cloud and a possible contrail or object trailing behind it. It's almost like a dragonfly captured in a digital image, but I don't think it is. source: www.
2006-Coral Springs – The images seen here were sent in by Carmen Padila. They were taken on July 14, 2006 at about 7:00 P.M. There were three witnesses to the object. I sent an email to Carmen requesting more information about her sighting, and received two more photographs of the UFO. I also asked her about the camera, and if the object was moving. She replied:

"Yes it was moving; then it stopped for about 10 minutes. I took the picture with cell phone camera, and also Kodak camera. Both have the same pictures. We were at the pool, and the kids got my attention. They were saying, "Look! Look!, it's 'War of the Worlds.' "I looked at what they were pointing out to me, and well...the rest is in the pictures." copy; Carmen Padilla. See three photographs of same object on the UFO Casebook's UFO Photographed over Coral Springs, Florida

2006-Toruñ [woj.Kujawsko-Pomorskie], May 20th 2006, 13:39:25.-The photo was taken on May 20th 2006 at 13:39 on a certain Torun housing estate. The anonymous witness didn't see the UFO taking the photo. As he wrote, he was going to took photos of some products to a catalog, setting the balance of white and snapping some random photos. No sounds accompanied the alleged UFO manifestation. source: NPN © -
2006-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology-September 1, 2006. On Monday, August 7, 2006, the Cruz Molina family witnessed the transit of a possible UFO that traveled at low altitude over the district of Culhuacán, southeast of the Mexican capital. The video has a duration of 13 seconds and was recorded by Mr. Arturo Cruz Granados at 15:30 hours using a Sony TRV-328 camera. The exulting voices of the eyewitnesses are heard on the recording, as well as the propeller sounds of a helicopter flying over the area. Almost at the end of the video, it can be seen that the object rotated on its own axis until it lost itself behind a house. ©
2006-About 3:00 PM on 09-06-2006, I took this photo of clouds above me, but didn't notice the object until later. I took 5 photos of this cloud sight in burst mode and the object was only in the first photo that I could find. This tells me again that you have to click the camera button at the exact right time to catch these things because they travel so fast. It was fairly easy to see that this object is saucer shaped, with a dome that has ports or windows, definitely a structured object. I'm sending you a copy of the original photo for you to check out. © lawwalk
2006-I caught this object at 7:17 PM on 09-05-2006 here in East Texas. The sun was getting close to the horizon and I was taking pictures above it of the small clouds that were still left in the sky. I was in burst mode that will take five pics in about a second. On this one I just took two and this object was in the first photo but was not in the second one. So I'm assuming it was moving quite fast. It doesn't appear to have any wings, so I'm ruling out a bug, bird, or plane and sending it to you as a possible UFO. See what you think my friend...Larry © lawwalk
2006-The photograph shown on this report was taken on Saturday, September 2, 2006. According to the witness / photographer statement: I was with friends on the Blue Ridge Parkway and just happened to take a picture and when I got home and downloaded the picture it had to objects in it that I believe could be UFO's. I would like to make certain that this is factual as I can't figure out where the objects came from. Honestly when I took the picture I was more focused on centering the building and I didn't know I photographed the UFO's until I got home and downloaded the pictures the next day. © Harry Halstead
2006-Gustavo Alemán, director of the Ovni Merida group, managed to record on video a possible luminous UFO last Friday on September 1, 2006. According to the account provided by the researchers who were there with him -- Emilio Cetz and Victor Mis - the time was 11:33 pm and they were getting ready for a skywatch when Gustavo told them that there was a flash in the sky. Gustavo Aleman's report: "I saw a flash in the sky and summoned my colleagues to confirm what I was seeing. When we tried to videotape it, the object came closer to the site and that's how we managed to record it, although at that point it was in plain sight. A few seconds elapsed and the object went away. We didn't see it again. We immediately broke camp and tried to locate it elsewhere along the highway, but it wasn't was either a mere chance or it was our lucky day." ©
2006-Ajax, Ontario, Canada I have been granted authority to release a photograph taken by my friend- Jack. He is a friend from a small contact group. This is the beginning of photographic evidence that will be coming your way. This photo was taken in Ajax, Ontario on 08-21-06. One thing to note, the Pickering Nuclear Power Plant is close 8-10 kms away west. I believe the photo illustrates the further description BY SIGHT. Take care, as there are better ones coming your way! A big thanks to my good friend Paul for sending along the photograph. © JT-source:
2006-Capilla de Monte, Argentina-Location: Barrio La Banda - Capilla del Monte - Cordoba, Argentina-Date Taken: January 16, 2006 11:15 am approximately. Equipment: Olympus CamMedia D395. Photo was taken from a moving automobile and object was not visible when the photo was taken; its existence was only proved when the images were downloaded to a computer. It was confirmed that the original image also remained in the camera's memory. © Esteban Sebastiani
2006-Colombia-April, 04, 2006-The enclosed photograph was taken by a gentleman from Columbia while driving his car in route to Villeta, which is near Bogota. The photograph was meant to be of the beautiful sunset. The driver stopped his car to take the picture. He did not notice anything unusual in the scene as the took the picture.

Only while working with photos on his PC did he notice the UFO. He first thought the unknown object was a defect in the photo. Upon closer inspection, he saw that it was an unknown object. photographer-name withheld

2006-Estonia-Photograph is extremely interesting. Sent to us from a man in Tallin, Estonia, who remains anonymous. The photo here was taken on August, 27 of 2006 in Kehra, Estonia-source:
2006-Fennville, Michigan-September 29-The UFO Casebook received a photograph from our old friend Two-Cam McLaren, which is a photo taken by a Dr. Ray in the vicinity of Fennville and Saugatuck, Michigan at 10:51 AM. He was taking pictures of a funnel cloud at the time. At least one local television station has shown the picture. The most common explanations for the unknown object have been a bird or a helicopter. What do you think?
2006-September-Peru-In the Huaytara Highlands on the border between Ica and Huancavelica, a group of engineers performing work for mining company Antapite managed to take a photo of an Unidentified Flying Object, commonly known as a UFO. As can be seen in the image, it was a silvery object that stands out against a clear blue sky and contrasts with the area's topography. Accoridng to Luis Alberto Villar Perez, identified with DNi 3057454, the photo was taken on September 22 from the Jatun Orcco mining project in the localities of Palmacancha, Huarpo and San Migel in the peasant district of Santiago de Chocorvos. source:
2006-Texas-Kaufman-On 10-21-2006 at 6:48 pm in Kaufman Texas, I saw this bright orange flash in the western sky at about 10 o'clock high.It was coming down vertically when I first saw it and I watched it for a couple seconds before I realized I'd better get a pic of it. I zoomed in on it to 12x optical and snapped five burst photos of it. When the camera was ready again( which takes a couple seconds) ,I couldn't tell if the object disappeared or sped off,it just wasn't there anymore so I didn't get anymore pics of it. When I downloaded the pics on the computer, I zoomed in on the object and saw something I never saw before, it appears to show some type of structure or framework on the object. The sighting lasted not more than five or six seconds at the most. The sky was completely clear and the temperature was 60 or 65 degrees and the sun had just set, no wind to speak of. Sending a copy of the first original photo I took,thought this may be of interest to you. photograph © lawwalk, 2006, original source:
2006-Albuquerque, New Mexico-Posted: Monday, October 30, 2006-I caught a flying saucer on camera. A group of us went to the corn maze here in Albuquerque about a week ago and I snapped some pictures. When I pulled them out and looked at them today, I find that I caught a real, live flying saucer on camera. Hey--we're just a stone's throw from Roswell here, kids. source and references:
2006-Kaufman, TX-Unknown Objects Photographed 10-23-06-Note: The image to left is a close-up of one of the six objects seen in larger photo. I have some other objects from the 23rd. One is a formation under a chemtrail similar to the one I sent you here awhile back that was forming a circle. I'll go ahead and send that one to you and you can look at it when you get a chance. What was interesting to me, the objects are nearly equally spaced apart. Larry-Thanks Larry for a great photo. source and references: Photograph © lawwalk, 2006
2006-The presented photograph was taken on 19th July 2006 in Lubiana [located in Pomorskie Wojewodztwo] in Northern part of Poland. The author, Mr. Piotr Gierszewski stated that he was about to take some photos of strange looking clouds. The witness didn't notice anything extraordinary.

“I became interested with disc-shaped clouds, so I decided to take some photos. Viewing them on my PC screen I noticed some object that looks like UFO if magnified. The enhancements were done in FotoOffice 3 and I applied also a zoom tool available in the program.”Photos were taken with Digital Camera FinePix F10 at 14:28 on 19th of July 2006. The date in the camera was set incorrectly – it was in June, not July.

2006-On October 31, 2006, I had the opportunity to videotape a luminous sphere that was close to the Moon, from my perspective. I commenced the recording from a window in my house, but when I noticed that it was moving far too quickly, I decided to go out to the back yard for a better angle of observation.

The sphere was initially silver-colored, and then shifted to an intense red, increasing its brightness. The observation took place as from 6:11 p.m. for 15 minutes. This evidence was recorded using a JVC model GR-D25 camera. I lost the probable UFO from sight when it moved quickly to the right in 1/30th of a second to cover a large distance and vanish suddenly, leaving something resembling a small cloud in its place. I only became aware of this action until a frame-by-frame inspection of the video was performed. source:

2006-The photograph shown on this page was taken by chance by Larry Wexdoz on the Fourth of July, 2006 at approximately 5:00 PM. It was taken at the famous Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. The witness is used to traveling that route and taking images of the sky. On this particular occasion, he managed to capture the evidence of a possible UFO that was not visible to the naked eye. He used a Nikon Coolpix camera. Peruvian investigator Alex Sender reviewed the photographic series captured by Larry and found the unidentified flying object in only one shot. © Larry Wexdoz
2006-Melbourne, Australia- Mary Rodwell (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network) writes: Gautam Jatwani, a student from Dubai, took this picture in Melbourne in July 2006. Gautam told me that he did not see the objects visually. Gautam states, "I would like to tell you that it's fine on my part, if you would like to show the picture to other experts and have their opinion and also that you put them on a network of weekly UFO pictures sent around the world. The UFO was only picked up by the camera. Had I seen it visually I would have rushed to the local press. I haven't had any experience of it however, not in the past or even on the day the picture was taken. The picture was taken on July 27 2006. Thanks to Mary Rodwell and Gautam Jatwani
2006-The date was July 7th 2006 afternoon. My boyfriend (Chas, 26) and I (Andrea Idalia, 22) were driving to Colorado and went through the tip of New Mexico. We passed though Capulin and decided to check out the Capulin Volcano (I had been there many times before in passing). This photo was taken on the road that accesses the summit of the volcano off of the highway 67/84. I want to say we were facing North but I am not sure, as the anomaly was not seen until after downloading the image at a later date. The anomaly appears to me to be metallic and round/oval in shape with a heavy under shadowing. Perhaps the sun was higher than the broader lower portion of the object, I am not sure. We have ruled out planes or helicopters because when zoomed in on, you can see that there are no wing or tail appendages, only the round body. © Andrea Idalia and Chas Perkins
2006-Ft. St. John, B.C. Canada-I took this photo on August 20, 2006 while helping a friend on a moose hunt. It was taken using a Kodak Easyshare c340 digital camera at around 1:30 PM. It was seen about 20 miles north of Ft. St. John, B.C. Canada. My friend has no interest in this subject so when I saw it approaching at a high rate of speed I just grabbed my camera and snapped a couple quick shots without saying anything to him. Photograph © M.M.
2006-Ipiales, Columbia-The photographs were taken in Ipiales, Columbia during the weekend of November 18-19. The witness Freddy states that the first photo was taken of a large, luminescent shape. The next photos show UFOs circled in red, and a cigar UFO. The last photos show another luminescent point circled in green. He states that they are "plasma" UFOs. See all of the photographs at UFO Casebook's Photographs of UFOs Taken over Ipiales, Columbia © Freddy, released by the UFO Casebook.
2006-On Saturday, November 25th, Brazilian UFO Magazine’s editor A. J. Gevaerd received a call from Bahia with an intriguing story. The caller was Francisco Baqueiro, a psychologist and therapist, magazine’s consultant in abductions, who said to have photographed with his cell phone a strange and perfectly disk-shaped flying object being carried by a non-identified truck in a road in the Brazilian state of Bahia. The picture was taken on Tuesday, November 21st, at 07:16 AM. © Francisco Baqueiro
2006-On Saturday eve, Dec 2 (2006)...I witnessed another triangle... my 4th just since Feb 14th of this year. I filed my MUFON report yesterday... ALSO... what I found very interesting, was that I also got some strange pics that I had taken the same day...earlier in the day, at my home. I just thought that the bizarre experience Saturday pushed my family's experiences to a whole new level..."something" followed us for over an hour...BEFORE this triangle appeared...and why...why did I not take pics of this object?...(maybe I wasn't suppose to?) never even crossed my mind...why?...I ALWAYS have my camera on me...and it took my daughter even to mention it to me as we watched this triangle coming towards us. © Patty Donahue: MUFON Investigator
2006-California-A chance photograph of a UFO was taken in California on July 1, 2006. At approximately 1:30 PM, while near some tanks located near Hercules and Vallego, the photograph was shot by Larry Wexdoz. The witness used a Nikon E5200 camera. He sent his report and photograph to Ana Luisa Cid with the colloboration of Alex Sender. The photograph clearly shows what appears to be a disc-shaped object.
2006-Kaufman, TX-12-30-06- East Texas. Sometimes I just have an urge to get up and go take a few pics and that's what happened on this day. It had just stormed the night before and the sun was peeking out. I walked out and the sky was clear over my house so I went to the side and took a photo of these clouds in the south. I didn't notice anything flying while I was taking the pics, but the first photo I took had this flying in the clouds as I checked them on the computer. © lawwalk 2006-2007-source:
2006-Santa Cruz, California, 12-29-06-Sight seeing and taking photographs along coast north of Santa Cruz California. On back road just south of Bonny Doon, took photo of picturesque landscape. Camera was pointing approximately east. Did not see any object in sky. Camera was Hewlett Packard PhotoSmart R967, 10 megapixels, in auto mode. Shutter speed for ambient lighting conditions varied somewhat for different scenes, but was hovering around 1/400 second. © John Tisdale-source:
2006-Sierra de la Ventana, Province of Buenos Aires, located some 320 km from the city of Necochea, Argentina. The event took place on November 21, 2006 between 15:00 and 16:00 hours and the instrument employed was a Canon A530, 5Mpx camera (the photo taken was at 3 mpx) in Auto mode. An object can be clearly seen flying at low altitude, flying at high speed over the site. It has the shape of two superimposed plates and one or two types of extremities, or something similar, can be observed its lower section. source: Planeta UFO
2006-Photo taken by Roberto Di Sena, former military. He described taken the photo anytime between 08h30 and 10h00 a.m. local time, on November 26, 2006, in a location called Alagamar, periphery of the city of Natal, state of Rio Grande no Norte, Brazil. Di Sena did not observe anything unusual in the sky and took several pictures at random, deleting a few later. Fortunately, he did not delete this one. The camera used was a Pentax Optio 60 6.0 megapixels. © Roberto Di Sena
2006-United Kingdom-I am relaying this story on behalf of my father, who swore my mother and I to secrecy when it first happened because he was very scared by his experience and didn't want to be ridiculed if details ended up in the public domain. Over a year later, he's finally agreed to let me share details of this incident with MUFON because I've convinced him it should be recorded *someplace* publicly, even if he doesn't want to go public himself.

On May 1st 2006 my father had to drive from Chester, England to Porthmadog, North Wales, for work reasons. At approx 4:45 PM on the return journey, he was driving south, approaching the village of Gellilydan when he became aware of a "silhouetted cigar shaped object" flying 'gently' below cloud level in an easterly direction about two miles ahead of him. He lost sight of it a few times due to the landscape, but having passed by the village, it became apparent that it was flying slowly north (towards him). Assuming it was a 'regular aircraft' that he couldn't quite visualize properly, he was more interested than concerned at this point, and due to its apparent flight path over the open countryside, he figured it would clear him by less than a mile to the west when it passed. So, his interest was piqued ("is it a helicopter or a plane?" he wondered) and he reduced his driving speed to approx 20-30 mph in order to get a better view.

As the flying object approached a point about 3/4 mile south west of his vehicle, he realized it was actually 'cylindrical'. It had a reflective convex base and a very subtle (barely noticeable) "electric blue" aura. He could only really see the underneath due to its angle. This took him back ("my heart rate accelerated") and having a camera on him, decided to pull over onto a grass verge and take a photo.

As he did this and scrambled for the camera, he realized the object had accelerated in his direction (it was very high up) and a huge shadow enveloped the area for about a mile around. "It was like a very dark thundercloud was right over me." He pushed his head forward in the windscreen and looked up (awkward angle) - and to his horror could see that this thing was about 1/4 mile wide and just hovering beneath cloud level directly above the part of the road he was on. He said it had huge tiles on its convex base. He had never seen anything like it in his life. It was "impossibly enormous". He realizes -- due to the sheer size of this thing -- that he probably underestimated how far away it was previously, but in relaying this event we've decided to use distances as he "perceived them" at the time.

Anyway, his heart was pounding, he was truly terrified because he couldn't make sense of the object and he was in the middle of nowhere (Snowdonia National Park) and decided to get the hell out of there. He hastily started up his vehicle and pulled off when he noticed the shadow just disappear, "like somebody flicked a switch and the thundercloud vanished".

He looked around as he drove, pushed his face into the windscreen and looked up but he could no longer see it. Then (within sixty seconds), as he passed the Trawsfynydd Twin Nuclear Reactors, he became aware of it hovering above some high ground to the west. The camera was on the passenger seat so without stopping the vehicle he just instinctively picked it up, snapped, then accelerated to 70 mph intending to get out of the area as fast as possible. He was overjoyed when he realized this 'object' had appeared on the exposure because it proved he wasn't going mad and he *had* actually witnessed something very unusual. If it hadn't, he says he's not sure he'd have told my mother and I the story in case we thought he was cracking up.

MUFON Submitter 7352

Published by the UFO Casebook

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