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Best UFO Pictures in Years 1960-1969

1960-Yacanto, Cordoba, Argentina. July 3. This photograph was taken by Hugo F. Niotti, then a captain of the AAF. On July 3, 1960, Niotti was driving from Yacanto toward Cordoba. At approximately 4:30 PM, he was in the area of Villa General Belgrano, about 70 Km from the city of Cordoba. He suddenly noticed a rather close and unusual object hovering near the ground to the right of the road. He grabbed his camera and took this one picture. It was deemed authentic by Servicio de Informaciones de Aeronautica.
1960-Italy, September. This photo of three dark UFOs has certainly had its naysayers. Those who debunk it say that the extreme dark color of the objects make them appear to be pasted onto a background image, and then re-photographed. This is a possibility. UFO proponents will tell you that either magnetic, gravitational or other anomalies of the advanced technology caused this dark coloration. And so the debate continues...
1960-Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is one of those "hard to be sure" images. It was taken on October 20 of 1960, and seems to show a large oval light source. No object is actually seen, but then again...where there's smoke, there's fire. The object seems to be moving from left to right, as you can see a trail of some type to its right in the full size image.
1960s-Taipei, China- This great UFO shot, , taken by Tsai Chang-hung (½²³¹ÂE) in Yuanshan Park (¶ê¤s¤½¶é), adjacent to Taipei's Grand Hotel, shows an oval object hovering in the sky. Although dark and hazy, investigator Ho claims a high credibility for the photo as Tsai is a relative of Tsai Chang-hsien (½²³¹Äm), former head of the Taipei City Observatory. Photo courtesy of TUFOA
1961- Taiwan-Taken by Wang Shi-lin in 1961 in Taitung City, this is the first known photograph of a UFO in Taiwan. Photo courtesy of TUFOA. According to UFO investigator Ho Hsien-jung there have been 15 recorded sightings where photographic evidence suggests that extraterrestrial objects have traversed the skies above Taiwan. The earliest of these pictures was taken in Taitung City (¥xªF¥«) in 1961. UFO photographs date to 1911 in China proper.
1961-Japan. Very little info is available on this photograph at this time. Only date, place, and the fact that it was taken by a young Japansese on March 11. A case of being in the right place at the right time. Not a bad pic, but a little bit out of focus. Still a part of the history of Ufology.
1961-Pescara, Italy. Bruno Ghibaudi, a scientific newspaper journalist, took several photographs of strange flying devices on the beaches of Pescara along the Adriatic sea in April 1961. He also claims he had encountered extra-terrestrial beings. Here is a larger version of the picture. Note: This looks more like a flying locust than anything else. One of the strangest flying objects I have seen.
1963-South Africa, Northcliff. While taking photographs of houses for sale to publish in the local newspaper, a real estate agent captured this unknown flying object. She never thought about flying saucers, only seeing the image as an unusual marking. The first image was small, but since has been scanned and enlarged by a friends son. A really great photo of...who knows what...maybe it is a flying saucer. I will say that it is different from any other UFO I have seen.
1963-Albuquerque, New Mexico. This picture was taken on the 16th of June 1963. The photograph was taken by A P Villa, a man that took numerous spectacular daylight photos at the time. Villa was, in effect, a 1960s version of George Adamski, who gained a big following in the 1950s with his spectacular tales of spaceships and trips around the Milky Way. More than likely this is not real.
1964-Oberwesel, Germany. UFO photographed 8 March 1964 by Harry Haukler who was on a train passing through Oberwesel, Germany, when he saw a disc rise into the air alongside the train. The photograph shows a dark whirling below the disc. A very rare shape on this UFO.
1964-India, near New Delhi. July 3. This excellent photograph was taken by legendary Billy Eduard Meier, famous for his many still frame and moving pictures of UFOs. A self-proclaimed contactee, he is a very controverial figure in the field of Ufology, with opinions ranging from hot to cold on the nature of his involvement with aliens from other worlds, and the authenticity of his works.
1965 Tallahassee, Florida. Interest in UFOs prompted several persons in Tallahassee, Fla., to phone the weather bureau when this mystery blotch appeared for two nights in 1965. It hung over the city for half-an-hour each time, then faded away. This photo was taken, and a good one it is.
1965-Santa Ana, California. August 3. Taken by highway traffic engineer Rex Heflin, while driving near the Santa Ana freeway. Heflin did not report his sighting, but the photographs were published by the Santa Ana Register on 09-20-65. This turned into a very controversial case with photos confiscated, and disagreements between different Ufologists about the photograph's authenticity. One of the most famous UFO photos ever taken.
Warminster, England 1965. Photograph of what was dubbed "The Warminster thing," at that time. Taken on August 29, 1965 by Gordon Falkner, a young factory worker. A this time there were many UFO reports in the region, some reported as cigar shaped, other reported as discs. It is important to note that a disc observed at certain angles can appear to be "cigar" shaped.
New Zealand, 1965. Anonymous photograph, published by a reporter in a daily newspaper of Paramatta following a heavily publicized UFO flap in the Sydney suburb of Ryde in 1965. The photograph was taken by a presently unknown person over Epson in the South Island of New Zealand in 1965.
1965-Athens, Ohio. Douglas Stewart's UFO was taken at 8 p.m. July 12, 1965 in Athens, Ohio, with five witnesses. At approximately 8 PM on 12 July 1965 J. Douglas Stewart of 100 Second St. Athens Ohio took this picture with a Pentax camera with 135mm lens with a 1.8x Barlow creating a focal length of 243 mm. The film was Kodak Plus-X 35mm film, which was underdeveloped to reduce image contrast. (developed in D-76, 1:4) This entire event was witnesses by Dr. and Mrs. William. Stehr, Mrs. Claud Kantner and Mrs. Scott Wilson.
1965-Tulsa, Oklahoma. A large wave of UFO sightings occurred in 1965 in the US. From coast to coast strange low flying flying objects were reported almost nightly by people of all ages and walks of life. As the year progressed, the number of reports rose dramatically. On the night of August 2, 1965, thousands of people in 4 midwestern states witnessed spectacular aerial displays by large formations of UFOs. That same night a multicolored disc was photographed in Tulsa, Oklahoma, while several persons watched it perform low altitude maneuvers. This picture was extensively analyzed, pronounced authentic, and later published by Life magazine and many newspapers. Some UFO researchers believe this to be a hoaxed photograph, using a Christmas tree ornament.
1965-Bernacillo, New Mexico. Taken on April 18. I have few details of this photo. For 1965, it is a fairly good picture, quality wise. I shows a discoid shape UFO with a top, and even an antenna can be seen on top. Thanks to ofnava, we have the following informaiton; It was taken in Alburquerque New Mexico, April 18, by Paul Villa. It is a part of sequence of 8 photos.
Australia 1966. A Polaroid photograph of a UFO tipped vertically on a side taken by businessman from his garden a few minutes after 2 p.m on April 2, 1966 above the Melbourne, Australia suburb of Balwyn. The Victorian Flying Saucer Research Society (VFSRS) of Moorabbin, Australia carefully studied the photograph and environment and concluded the photo showed "no sign of multiple exposure, montage or any other tampering." The photo, copyrighted in 1979 by David C. Knight has been published on page 138 of the book "UFOS: A Pictorial History from Antiquity to the Present."
Provo, Utah, 1966. The pilot of a twin engine C-47 "Skytrain" transport aircraft of the USAF captured this reddish object on photograph in July 1966 at 11:00am. The aircraft was flying over the Rocky Mountains, at about 40 kilometers South-West of Provo, Utah. The Condon commission, which concluded that UFOs are no worth of scientific investigations, did analyze the negative at the time and concluded that the photograph shows an ordinary object thrown in the air. Oh well, we can't all have that type of an eye.
1966-Hillsdale, Michigan. The "Swamp Gas" case. This is the case that convinced skeptic J. Allen Hynek, that he must now publicly admit that there is something real in the UFO reports. At about 10:30 pm a resident of the women's dormitory at Hillsdale College reported a strange object in the sky. County Civil Defense director William E. Van Horn responded and confirmed that a bright glowing object was indeed bouncing across a nearby hollow and then became airborne. Hynek, who died in 1986, dismissed the Hillsdale sighting as "swamp gas." Within two weeks, however, he changed not only his opinion about the sighting, but also sides in the UFO debate.
1966-Michigan-Taken during the Midwest wave of 1966. One of the best accepted UFO photographs. The so-called "swamp gas" explanation given by Air Force investigator J. Allen Hynek would stay with him for some time. Prompted by the lack of an explanation, and knowing that there was something to the Michigan wave, The US air Force used the idiotic explanation for the sightings. Hynek would later regret the explanation, and go on to become one of the most revered UFO researchers of all time.
1966-Albaquerque, New Mexico. Another offering from A P Villa. This one even has landing legs. You can also see at least five other objects in the photo. Are these suppose to be smaller scout ships? Probably a fake.
Washtenaw County, Michigan, 1966. This photograph is widely held as one of the best, clearest images ever taken of a UFO. Of course it has had its debunkers, but remains today as genuine proof of the existence of extraterrestrial life. Taken during a wave of UFO sightings in Michigan in 1966. This was snapped in Washtenaw County. There have been a couple of "colorized" versions, but this is the original. It made headlines in the Michigan papers, and then went nation wide.
1966-Cassville, Missouri. Taken over Roaring River. 11/22/66. A hunter and two of his friends were camping on the river when an unknown flying object was seen rising from near their campsite. Their tent had just been destroyed, with some of their possessions on fire, as well as a tree or two close by. It is believed that the UFO was the cause of the destruction. One of the men was able to take two photos as the UFO sped away, with one being too blurred, and the one you see here, which is of good quality.
1966- December 18. Tiopati Lake/Bear Mountain, NY. Thanks to ofnava we have this information about this photograph. Photograph was taken by Vincent Perna on 1966 December 18, at 16:30 hrs (Tiorati lake) New York. Perna states: "Suddenly a rare object of bronze color appeared, making no noise and it's size was approx. 6 meters (diameter) Vincent took 4 photos, a few minutes later the object disappeared."
1967-Picaco Park, New Mexico. March 12. No other details available at this time.
1967-Rhode Island. This is a real classic looking UFO. Taken in Woonsocket, Rhode Island on June 18, 1967. The photo actually appears to be from a much earlier time period as it has a strange resemblence to an Adamski ship of the 1950s. Possibly a hoax, but I personally have no evidence to make the statement without reservation.
1967-Torrance, California. May 11. This picture, although a fairly clear shot, does not a lot of details. Taken on a Saturday night, a group of pals, Allen, Bobby, Rick, and Danny were hanging out when they saw this object that "glowed reddish-white." One of the boys had a camera, and took this photo.
1967-Rome, Italy. Drew Wright took this picture in Rome on July 18, 1967 at 10:00 am: "I had a terrible hangover from all the cheap red wine I had imbibed the night before, my first night in Italy. As I saw the "thing," some local boys were saying "il disco," and pointing skyward. I snapped this quick shot before it vanished. I never made it to the Sixtine Chapel."
1967-Zanesville, Ohio-February. Ralph Ditter, a Zanesville, Ohio barber took two photographs of this unknown object. Ditter was an amateur astronomer, and avid sky watcher. He made the two photos available to the press. Object certainly looks like a disc with a top.
1967-Calgary, Alberta, Canada. July 3. Dr. J. Allen Hynek stated: "best daylight disc photograph I have personally investigated. That says it all! Warren Smith and two of his friends were returning from a weekend prospecting trip when they spotted the object. Smith grabbed the camera, and took two photos of the object. Definitely one of the best of the early days.
Lima, Peru, Feb 2, 1967. This is the only surviving photo of the funnel-shaped flying object that paced the Fawcett Airlines DC-4 passenger liner in flight from Piura to Lima on February 2, 1967, at 06:30 P.M. The passengers were all held for interrogation by authorities after the plane landed. Several of the passengers had taken photos of the strange craft alongside the airliner, but all cameras were taken and all film was confiscated. One passenger, who insisted on remaining anonymous, succeeded in saving his film from which this single photograph was made.
Yungay, Peru, March 1967-On March 22, at 5:30 P.M. hundreds of Yungainos and tourists, were visited by two UFOs. They flew over the snow covered Huascaran mountains and the city of Yungay-Peru. Photo by: Augusto Arrando. This UFO's domed top appears to be made of the same material as the rest of the saucer, instead of the traditional see-through top.
1967-Wichita, Kansas. June 27. Another fairly good quality picture taken over Kansas in 1967. It is difficult to say exactly what shape the object is, but it does not appear to be any type of know craft from that era. My first guess would be triangle-shaped.
1967-Zagreb, Yugoslavia. This picture has been taken on November 23, 1967 by Farcich Zoran, near Zagreb. Ironically, the two "orbs" are very similar to what is being filmed around the world the last two or three years, especially in California.
1967-Pigeon Lake, Alberta, Canada. In the evening of July 3, 1967, Mr. Douglas Dennis, fishing at Pigeon Lake, near Buckhorn, was amazed by the appearance of a soft, orange colored ball of light in the sky above him. It descended quite low, and Mr. Dennis took his camera and snapped a color picture of the brightly luminous mass hovering in the air. This remarkable night photograph clearly shows a round luminous object directly overhead. Others present observed the object and Mr Dennis photographing it.
1967-Ohio. Of the many UFO sighting reports I have looked over, the state of Ohio, USA has to be one of the most active places in the world. This photograph is one of many taken over the state, clearly showing an ovoid/disc shaped object taken in daytime. No other details do I have at this time. An authentic UFO? Maybe.
1967-Woonsocket, Rhode Island. A daytime photograph of a disk-shaped object was taken in East Woonsocket UFO contactee Harold Trudel. The photograph shows a slightly asymmetric hubcap shaped object with a small dome and aerial extending from the bottom. To even the untrained eye it looks like a fake, more than likely produced by suspending a model from a string. Trudel believes he is in mental contact with space people, who send him telepathic messages as to where and when they will appear. A la Adamski, probably a hoax.
1967-Milledgeville, Georgia. There were two photographs taken of this object. The cameraman remains anonymous, and probably for good reason. The picture is not very clear, and I would say that this is probably fake, although I cannot say for sure.. The first pic taken was as the object approaced the photographer, and the second one shown here was more of a closeup as the object allegedly hovered.
1967-Mahwah, New Jersey. Wayne, from New Jersey, was driving in the vicinity of the Immaculate Conception Seminary in Mahwah when his attention was attracted to something flying in the sky. Through the trees along the street he could see a dull dark gray object sitting almost motionless in the sky beyond. Stopping the car in front of the Seminary, Bjornstad got out with his Japanese brand 35mm hand camera loaded with outdoor color film, and walked through to a better vantage point, then adjusted the distance setting to infinity and snapped one picture of the strange flying machine.
Romania, 1968. One of four photographs of a diurnal disc captured on photograph near Cluj in Romania by Mr. Emil Barnea on August 18, 1968. Barnea and his friend Miss Matea walked in the forest with a couple of friends. His friend shouted that she sees "something," and when he joined her he also saw a large round object, of metallic appearance and shining in the sun in the sky above the top of the trees. Amazed, Barnea remembered all the same that he had his camera and while the UFO advanced slowly changing direction and increasing its luminosity, then suddenly accelerating until he disappeared at the horizon.
Sicuani, Peru, 1968. On December 6, 1968 Senor Pedro Chavez, a photographer for La Prensa, on assignment in Sicuani, Peru, was in the cathedral square near the big church where he took this picture before the objects disappeared. The dark properties of the three objects is very similar to other photos taken during this time period.
1969, Apollo 12: November 14-24, Astronauts, CDR: Pete Conrad, CMP: Richard Gordon, LMP: Alan Bean Importance: First pinpoint Lunar landing, landing within walking distance of the unmanned Surveyor spacecraft. Marked the beginning of waning public interest in NASA and Apollo. NASA archives (photo No AS12-49-7278) Astronaut Alan Bean shown, UFO top left.
December 30, 1969 Bariloche, Argentina Professor Sebastian José Tarde, MD, a well respected physician was on holiday with his students at Bariloche, a popular holiday spot in the Andes. Cruising on the Nahuel Huapi-Lake, the Professor shot several photographs of the unknown object with his Leica camera.

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