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The Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) video

The Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) - I

Here is another interesting topic that people would love to discuss about – The UFO. UFO is an abbreviation of Unidentified Flying Objects. There is a misconception that UFOs are Alien Space Ships (space ships coming from other planets) but UFOs are simply objects found in the sky which could not be identified. For the past 75 yrs millions of evidences of UFO have been recorded but most of them had no proper explanation of the flying object. Some of the UFOs were later identified as weather balloons or private aircrates. But the most of them could not be explained what so ever and hence the only possibility that people could think of is the alien space ships.

Thousands of UFO evidences comes up every year, from every other country. Some of them with proofs like photographs and videos. Some of the UFO viewers say that they have seen aliens inside the space ship. But the interesting fact I found quite recently was that there was tales of alien abduction??? Tales such as Aliens abducting people and carring out tests. I don’t know how much this can be true. But so far there has been no proof of the aliens on Earth. A leading Dutch hypnotherapist, Hilda Musch, had hypnotized various victims who have been abducted (or they say so) and later found that the stories of most of them were alike. The reports of the Dutch victims also seemed to be identical in every respect to such reports taken in the United States. These people could not have possibly met or shared the story of the Alien Abduction as this report was carried out secretly.

In this computer era you cannot expect anyone to believe a photograph or a video proof. A photoshop is all you need to create a photo proof of a UFO. But there is a possibility that some of them can be true. Some of the photos were taken in 1950s when there was no photoshop to create the fakes.

Well, there is nothing more to say about the UFOs other than the debate whether they really exists or not. On my opinion, I personnaly think that Earth cannot be so special that it is the only planet which contains life. There must be living souls in other planets as well (though not all). I also believe that there is a possibility that such living creatures can visit Earth. But I feel that most of the UFO pictures I found were fakes. Very few I have seen that makes me beleive it could be true.

There is a UFO sighting in INDIA recently. On March this year two UFOs were sighted flying over Delhi Airport. This report was telecasted on CNN-IBN news channel. Click Here to see the report with the video of the UFO.

Let us see some of the pictures of UFO.

These two photos are probably the oldest photos I found. The one on left was taken over Passaic, New Jersey on 31st July, 1952. It is taken from an FBI document. The one on the right was taken at Brazil.

This is an interesting one. I’m not sure of its location. Its one of the few photos showing a UFO that looks like a space ship. But I also feel that this one is a fake. It looks like a family is out for a picnic and they must be playing around. And the UFO must be added using a photoshop that makes it look like people are running away from it.

Here is another one. This was taken from Google Earth. This object within the circle was found over california, USA. I could not guess what this object is. Google Earth replaced this area with another one and hence this cannot be found any more.

This certainly looks like a fake. This object, what ever it is should have been on top of a building or a pillar. All the parts below the object must have been removed through Photoshop.

This picture is certainly a fake. Just closely look at the UFO. It looks like an object used in the mechanical workshop. It looks like the object was photographed in a close up and the two images are collaged. Moreover the shadow of the car is clearly seen. Where is the shadow of the UFO???

I have no comments on this photo.

This photo was taken at Knoxville, Tennessee, USA.

Here is how the fakes are created.

First the model of the UFO is created (Left).

Then it is photographed in various angles (Below).

Then these photos are collaged with some of the scenaries using the photoshop. And the result is as in below.

The collaged pictures looks too realistic. I wonder if all the pictures are taken as this.

Here is a website that has a big collection of UFO photographs.

The Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) - II

Let us look at some of the videos of UFO.

Here are the secrets of UFO. A Must watch video.

This video is taken in an helicopter near the World Trade Center. An object is found on the window of the WTC. The most surpricing thing is that no object on Earth has ever flew at that high speed (including rockets).

This is the same as the above. This is the slower version taken from a Japanese News Channel. There is a surprise here.

A very rare event. UFO seen not in the sky but in space. Viewed from the camera of the space shuttle ‘Discovery‘.

Here is a collection of UFO sightings. A very interesting one.

Any guesses on what that object is???

Another interesting video where a UFO lands on Earth.

Click here to view it.This topic was requested by Kavin.

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The Life of a Star

What is a Star? A star is a hot body of glowing gases that emits light and undergoes nuclear reaction. This is the only difference one can point out between a star and a planet. There are billions and billions of stars found in our galaxy, The Milky Way. There are thousands of galaxies in the Universe. It is said that there are more stars in the universe than the number of grains of sand found in all the beaches of the Earth. It is predicted that there are 100 billion stars in the Milky Way. Stars vary in their size, mass, temperature, density, etc. No two stars are alike just as no two humans are alike (left alone the identical twins). But yes, the stars do look alike as you watch them in the night but if you watch them carefully you can see that some stars are bright and some are comparatively less bright.Stars, just like life, have birth and death of its own. Stars live for a period of time and then it dies. By saying stars I also include the Sun. At average stars live upto 10 billion years. Let’s see how a star is born.

Birth of a Star:

Usually a star is born in a region of high density Nebula. Nebula is nothing but a cloud of dust in the space in which stars and planets are born. Nebulae are visible to our naked eye as a tiny coloured patch of light. The Orion Nebula is one of the brightest nebula situated in the Orion Constellation.

The picture above shows the orion nebula at the bottom left and horse head nebula at the top right. This nebulae is found in the constellation of Orion.

When the nebula condenses and contract under its own gravity it creates a new star. The region of condensing matter will begin to heat up and it starts to glow. These glowing bodies are called as protostars.

The above picture shows a protostar in a nebula. The x-ray version does not show the protostar but you can clearly see them in an Infrared version of the image.

When a protostar contains enough matter the central temperature reaches 15 million degrees centigrade. At this temperature nuclear reactions starts where Hydrogen fuses to form Helium. The star then begins to release energy stopping it from contracting. Now it is called as Main Sequence Star. Sun is in Main Sequence Star level. A star is said to be in its Main Sequence Level for 10 billion years before it starts to die. Sun is said to be 5 billion years old and it is said to live for 5 billion more years.

Death of a Star:

A star is considered dead when all the hydrogen is burnt into helium. But what happens to a star after its death? There are three possibilities based on their mass.

Mass of the Star is under 1.5 times the mass of the Sun:

If the mass of the star is less than 1.5 times the mass of the Sun then as the hydrogen gets less the star begins to expand. The expanding star is called as a Red Giant.

The above picture shows the size comparison of a Red Giant with the Sun and the Earth.

The helium core runs out, and the outer layers drift of away from the core as a gaseous shell, this gas that surrounds the core is called a Planetary Nebula.

The picture above shows the Boomerang planetary nebula where a shell covers around a star.

The remaining core (that’s 80% of the original star) is now in its final stages. The core becomes a White Dwarf the star eventually cools and dims. Sirius, the brighest star in the sky is a White Dwarf. When it stops shining, the now dead star is called a Black Dwarf.

The picture below shows the white dwarfs which are circled.

Mass of the Star is greater than 1.5 times the mass of the Sun:

If the mass of the star is greater than 1.5 times the mass of the Sun then as the hydrogen gets less the star begins to expand just as the previous case. But here the star becomes massive in size and it is called as a Red SuperGiant.

The above picture is a size comparion of a Red SuperGiant Aldebaran with the Sun.

The SuperGiant then starts of with a helium core surrounded by a shell of cooling, expanding gas. In the next million years a series of nuclear reactions occur forming different elements in shells around the iron core. The core collapses in less than a second, causing an explosion called a Supernova, in which a shock wave blows of the outer layers of the star. The actual supernova shines brighter than the entire galaxy for a short time. The bright object at the top left corner (arrowed) is a supernova explosion.

Sometimes the core of the star survives the explosion. If the surviving core is between 1.5 to 3 times the mass of the sun, it contracts to become a tiny, very dense Neutron Star. If the core is much greater than 3 times the mass of the sun, the core contracts to become a Black Hole.

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