Tuesday, July 22, 2008

ET Channelings

ET Channelings

Through my many years of research, I have listened to people who allegedly channel entities from other places linked to the extraterrestrial experience, for in truth none of us are from the physical realm.

Each channeler believes in the information they are receiving and that it comes from a more evolved source.

As we study metaphysics, we come to understand the multidimensional nature of our soul experience. What I have come to understand is that most channeled entities are other aspects of our own souls existing in parallel 'programs of reality' which exist in different frequency vibrations.

Reality is a multidimensional dimensional simultaneous experience. When we want to seek higher information, we go to place/frequency where we can connect with another aspect of who we are.

Most messages received in our timeline are similar to those received by the prophets through the ages. The messages have to do with changes that are now occurring in third dimensional reality which will bring humanity to a higher levels of consciousness. It is the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.

A door will opena blue-white light will be seenthe light from which our soul sparks are createdand the souls will move onperhaps to a Golden Age. Gold is a metaphor for alchemy and bloodline.

The messages have to do with healing the heart / soul thereby releasing the issues that keep you trapped in the emotional matrix called third dimensionwhich is based on duality, polarity, of emotions. From healing comes balance, increased psychic abilities, and final understanding of the nature of the biogenetic experiment. It is all about the journey into awareness, each soul guided by their own inner channeling.

The message is, and has always been the same, we are here to experience the evolution of consciousness in the alchemy of time.

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