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The Best UFO Pictures in Year 2004

2004-January 1- This is a picture of Red Mountain, near Johannesburg, California, and I was facing north. To the northeast is the China Lake Naval Weapons Station, near Ridgecrest. I was simply taking a picture of the mountain itself, so cannot list any witnesses, etc. It was Jan. 1, 2004 at around 11:00 am. The object is in the upper right corner of the picture. © M. Burdick
2004-January. Starksboro, Vermont- This excellent photograph was taken by R. W. Martin while returning home from picking up his daughter. Several photos were taken, and in each photo, the object looked different, suggesting that the object was turning as it flew. A superb video of a UFO.
2004-Beveridge, Australia. An employee of this major municipality during his routine work as a traffic engineer took a photograph of a level railway crossing at Beveridge north of Melbourne using a digital camera. When it was downloaded from the camera on to a computer an object appeared in the sky on photograph. Taken on January 16. Jim Linton, Communications Officer,
2004-January, Tasmania, Australia-This photo is credited to Rod Beveridge of the Australian UFO Research Network, although the photographer's name remains secret. A nice photo taken with an Olympus Camedia, 5 megapixel. Photo was taken while filming near "Cradle Mountain." Good enough to add to any collection.
2004-January 25. Emily Bay, Norfolk Island. This photo was taken at the far end of Emily Bay on Norfolk Island in the South Pacific. Witness states: I am a sales executive who travels regularly to the Island which is situated 1.45 hours flight north of Auckland, New Zealand. I did not personally see the object. I was taking random shots of the beach while lying down; my digital camera has a viewing screen that I was using to see the scene in front of me. There were 5 taken, all about 20 seconds apart. No other shot shows anything else unusual in the scene. There were no other witnesses to the object.
2004-Malta. I noticed the object only after downloading the photos on my computer. I never noticed anything before or after taking the picture. Previous and later photos have no indication of any smears on the lens. I am also very sure no aircraft were in the area at the time. The photo was taken in Malta at a place called Bahrija; situated at the northwest of Malta on February 1, 2004, at 10:38 in the morning. As you can see seven months have passed by, but now I was advised and encouraged to put this photo forward for possible investigation. I would be grateful for any replies back. Taken on February 1.
2004-February. Picso, Peru-This unusual object was filmed by an airplane pilot while flying over the city of Picso. There were four other witnesses to the sighting. The pilot and four crew members were flying in a B767-300ER at 31,000 feet. The objects did not show up on radar at Lima. There was a very recent photograph taken of very similar objects in Minnesota.
2004-San Francisco, California. Taken on March 26, 2004. The photograph shown is one of five taken of t that night. While visiting a friend, Arlan Feiles' attention was drawn to the night view of San Francisco and the Bay bridge. Photographer ran for camera and took five photographs. Later when uploading to his laptop, he noticed that four of the five had the unknown object on them. Object headed for the bridge, and then disappeared.
2004-April, 23. Long Island New York. This very impressive image of lights was taken by a lady who is identified only as Marjorie. Early morning, she took her camera and captured some 25 photos of the sky that day, using a welder's glass to keep her eyes from the sun's harm. They were taken with a JVC digital camera. An avid photographer, she was shocked to see the object in the sky.
2004-April. Soap Lake, Washington. While two friends, Max K. and Ho Jim L. were hanging out together, one decided to take some photos of the other while he was shooting some hoops. The incident occurred in Soap Lake, Washington on April 23. Later, when the two were checking out the photos, they "couldn't believe their eyes" when they noticed something that they hadn't seen when the photos were taken; a UFO. When the object was first noticed in the photo, they felt that they had photographed an "artifical intelligence." The object appeared to be moving toward Moses Lake.
2004-The UFO Casebook received this image from our good friend "Two Cam" McLaren. He has sent the following details about the photograph. It was taken April, 03, 2004 outside Baghdad, Iraq. The photograph was taken by Joe Herrick. (name used with permission) The craft was not seen by any of the G.I.'s. My take on the craft is that it is a very different type craft; however it is very similar to the other unusual designs. I really dismiss the hoax factor. Someone has to know about this and the other crafts of this unusual wing design. copyright "Two Cam" McLaren.
2004-Rzeszow, Poland, May 4, 5. I received some very interesting photographs from my good friend and correspondent Tomek Wierszalowicz in Poland. The photographs were taken May 4, 5, 2004 in the city Rzeszów. I was sent to the Polish website which carried the story, but details are still very sketchy. According to the website, the photographs are being evaluated, but so far, no further evidence is available. As usual, if and when new info is sent to me, I will update this page.
2004-Maltese Island, May 15. The UFO Casebook received this excellent report of a UFO event on May 17 2004 / 09:08:30. I would certainly like to thank Pierre for updating us with this sighting report. He has sent excellent scanned images of the newspaper report from the Malta Independent newspaper. The sighting occurred on May 15, 2004, 1:00 PM, Malta local time. A group of witnesses saw the UFO, and excellent pictures were taken. Pierre was not a witness himself, but with the high profile of the case, he knew we would want to be notified. According to eye witness reports, the UFO was traveling from St. Julians to Rabat in Malta. The object was seen turning and flipping over as it made its way through the clear skies. The photographs were taken by Rene Rossignaud.
2004-Provo Canyon, Utah, May 20. To the naked eye, Tommy Woodard's digital photograph appears to be nothing more than a pretty picture of trees in Provo Canyon. But zoom in, he says, and the purple glow of a saucer hovering at an angle above the tree line starts to take shape.

Woodard, 22, a photo librarian with the Utah Film Commission, took the photo that he believes represents an unidentified flying object. He was in the canyon Tuesday shooting still pictures for a possible film location, and began taking pictures for himself on his way out. At the time, he didn't see anything out of the ordinary in his photograph. But later, after noticing a black speck in the frame, he zoomed in and ``the closer I got, the more impressed I got by it,'' he said Thursday.

2004-May. Niagara Falls, N Y. In the photo a distant monument of recognizable shape is visible giving us an excellent item to zoom in on with the same factor as we do the UFO. This allows for a unique comparison of clarity in this high resolution digital image to determine how much distortion is taking place with the UFO in the image. It would appear that the spire-like monument in the distance is considerably farther away than the UFO is from the photographer, else the UFO is gargantuan, which is unlikely. source: Brian Vike, photographer, anonymous
2004-June. Wisconsin-The only info given on the source of this image is that came from Mike H. He states that the image was taken at a family reunion, on the 18th of June, 2004. The unknown object in the image was not noticed at the time of the snap, only when downloading to the computer. Strange that no one saw this, because it appears to be very large in relationship to the trees.
2004-June. Modesto, California. This unusual object was photographed by my good friend and fellow UFORA member, R. David Anderson from California. He is an avid skywatcher, and has filmed a number of unknowns in the night skies. This one, in my opinion, is one of his best. This object does not resemble any flying craft that I am aware of.
2004-June 17th. Corpus Christi, Texas. Taken between 7 and 8 pm. The sender was taking pictures of the clouds of Corpus Christi with a Sony 5 megapixel digital camera. At this time, the cameraman saw nothing out of the ordinary through the viewfinder of his camera. Later, when looking over the pictures, and transfering them to computer, he was surprised to see a strange object in one of the shots. The object, at first observation appears to be a classic spherical UFO with a domed top of some type. We have edited the original photo to provide a closeup, enhanced image for all to see. The UFO appears to be a discoid shape with a top. Credit- Darren Kurz
2004-Adelaide, Australia-Kathy writes she saw and photographed a UFO that was flying by her home less than a mile away. She states, "The only thing that I could see was that the underside seemed curved and very smooth; the other part of the craft seemed bathed in bright yellow/orange glow with a brilliant white light that seemed to move from the top of the craft to the center." I have had the shots enlarged, they look stunning. All that day I felt odd as if I had much anticipation. My son kept asking me what was wrong, I said 'nothing' It was as if I was waiting for someone. Taken in June.
2004-June 24th. New Haven, Connecticut. I was driving on Water Street near the Quinnipiac Bridge, Just about to cross the small blue bridge but I got caught waiting for the bridge to open to let boats pass. It is a pretty dead spot. It is right in the industrial sections of New Haven, and the whole Area is Oil Refineries and Such. As I waited for the rotating Bridge to complete its opening, I decided to grab the Kodak 4800 and snap some pics. I didn't notice any planes, helicopters, or birds at all. Credit-Jim McElwee
2004-Houston, Texas. 07-14-04. This photograph of a lighted circular craft was taken by a professional photographer who works in the sports media. An excellent shot of the Houston skyline with object hovering near the big city lights.
2004-Waupaca, Wisconsin. Taken by Jeff P. just after a sunset on 09-22-04. Object moving West to East. No other info available. This resembles a jet fighter plane, but I have never seen anything like it before. Let us know if you know more about this. At this time, it is unknown.
July, 2004-Allentown, Pennsylvania. The sighting took place this past week and was witnessed by Jim, along with his wife Florence, and daughter Sarah. The skies were clear at the time of the sighting. In Jim's own words: "We were at Dorney Park in Allentown, PA and around 4pm I saw a helicopter flying by but nothing else, so I took a picture with my digital camera and when we looked at the photo there was a disc like object next to it, when I was looking at the helocopter before taking the picture even while taking it, I saw nothing except the copter, but the object is in the picture." Credit-Jim W.
2004-Los Oso, California. Taken on July 28, 2004 by Don McCune with a Kodak 6340 digital camera in Auto mode. The witness did not see the UFO as he took the photo; he was taking random shots to check out a problem with battery life in camera. None of the photos taken before or after this one had the unknown on it.
2004-July 11. Hertfordshire, U K. An excellent photograph of an unidentified flying object, disc-shaped, and white to yellow in color, was taken by a retired engineer in Watford, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. The photo was taken at 7:15 P. M., still daylight at this time of the year. The photographer states that the object was approximately 1-2 miles distant, and appeared to be the size of a helicopter. After viewing the photograph myself, there is no doubt that the object in question is not any conventional or known plane, balloon, or craft. source: anonymous
2004-Summer. Oahu, Hawaii. This photo would stand by itself without a UFO in it; what a pretty place! This unknown was captured by Australian pilot Christine Segaert, accompanied and eyewitnessed by another pilot, Darren Williams. Taken at the Pali Lookout, about 11:00 A.M. A great photo.
2004-Kustavi, Finland. September 23. The witness states that: On September 23th approximately at 5.15 PM. me and my two buddies were coming back from a short fishing trip in Kustavi, a place located at southwestern archipelago of Finland, when we saw something extraordinary in the air. We soon realized that what we saw was some sort of a flat round metallic object, and that as it slowly moved in the air it made no sound at all. A friend of mine had a digital camera within reach, and he managed to take two pictures of the object, before it suddenly took off with an unbelievable pace. In just a few seconds it disappeared behind the clouds.
2004-July. Wastewater, U K. Witness states: As I am in the Royal Air Force, I often go away on exercises and detachments with various aircraft. On this occasion I was working with a crew of Sea King pilots and ground crew in the Lake District area. The place was called Wastewater and is near Gosforth. I will enclose a link of the hotel we stayed in as it is situated on the lakes that the photo was taken of. We were working in the mountain area for the week commencing Saturday the 7th of March, and Saturday the 14th inclusive. I'm not sure of the exact time or date, but my best guess would be Monday or Tuesday (8th/9th) at approximately 4pm to 4.30pm. Credit-anonymous RAF member/
2004-Tenerife Island. Taken over Tenerife Island, Spain on August 3, 2004. Witness/photographer was 37 year old Teresa Codina, from Barcelona, Spain. She had taken photos while on vacation, and only later noticed the UFO in the picture. Taken with Sony 2.4 pixel camera.
2004-VANTAA, Finland -- The witness states:"I was taking photos of the little island seen in the picture using my cell phone camera, Nokia 7650, when the object appeared in the photo on August 27, 2004 at 10:08 PM. I didn't see it while taking the photos, although I was taking the pictures at an arms length because it has no zoom feature. If it was a bird or a plane. Taken in the month of August.
2004-Cartagena de Indias. This extremely clear photograph of a UFO was taken on August 15, 2004, by a tourist on the Atlantic coast. The photo was analyzed by Photography Analysts by Computer. It was their determination that the object in question was not a spot on camera lens, nor birds, since there were birds elsewhere in the photograph. They also declared that the object was not superimposed or added by computer software.
2004-September. Taipei, China. A Taipei citizen claimed he has taken photos of an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) using his cellphone.Reported by Lin Qingjiang, a worker in Hualian County of Taipei, discovered a suspected UFO, shaped like a large bamboo hat, at about 10 pm when he was resting outside the house, the reports said. Lin was quoted as saying that the suspected UFO flew towards east and west five times within 10 minutes. But it had disappeared when he wanted to ask others to share in the excitement after taking photos through the cellphone. A great photograph!
2004-Zion National Park-Utah. This is the BEST legitimate UFO picture I have ever seen. You can clearly make out that this is a saucer. My friend, Dale, who took this picture told me that he didn't even think it was anything other than a bird until he enlarged the picture but it is really something else. Thanks to Jon Barton Shields to:Skywatch-International. Date unknown except for year 2004.
2004-Ticul, Mexico A UFO sighting took place December 12, 2004, on Sunday, during the celebration of the feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe. A circular UFO, surrounded by multicolored lights, was filmed the city of Ticul. This city remains the focal point for such encounters. Silvestre Leal and Emilio Cetz Aguiar, in charge of the Sociedad Internacional de Rastreo e Investigacion OVNI (Sirio) were responsible for filming the "craft". Only 54 seconds of video footage was obtained along with 150 photographs. Their pixels were analyzed along with their clarity to confirm that they indeed showed a UFO. See large photo. Very impressive.
2004-Denver Colorado Airport. 11/26/04- I was snapping pictures of the sunset from DIA Airport getting ready to board my flight back to SD from my sister's Thanksgiving get-together in Englewood, Colo. when I shot this photo. I didn't SEE these objects when I took them. The camera I used was a top of the line Nikon digital. I downloaded them after I got home and was quite surprised. --Steve T. from South Dakota
2004-Jalisco, Mexico, October. On 10/16/04 Guadalajara Jalisco, México,at about 18:53 pm. I was walking in the street and I saw 1 glowing orb moving slow in to the clouds. I had, my camera nearly to me because is not the first time than I saw UFOs and I took 7 photos. The UFO was moving from east to west and the velocity was vary. it has metallic texture in red and oval shape, the distance was about 800 mts. The sight it was not near to the airport of any kind military base. I didn't see any aircraft in the area or any type of exhaust coming from the object.
2004-Hawaii, Dec. 17. An unidentified streak moving through the night sky above Hawaii has sky watchers puzzled. The streak, which can be viewed in motion on a NASA website page, was captured on film by a camera positioned on a volcano in Haleakala, Hawaii. It moves from southeast to northwest. Image of unidentified streak near center of circle. According to the NASA site, the streak was spotted on the night of Dec. 17. Another camera trained on the night sky in Hawaii, in Mauna Kea, also captured the image. source:© 2005
2004-Dmitrov, Russia. On November 6, 2004, in the small city of Dmitrov, near Moscow about 16:30, late afternoon, the witness was driving his car along with his girlfriend. He noticed an object in the sky which stood out from the partly cloudly skies. It was a bright object, and he decided to take a picture of it with his 4 megapixel digital camera. The object didn't move and remained still during the time of sighting. I'm not sure it was an UFO. There wasn't any kind of aircraft activity, no military or science installations in the area
2004-Serbia. The photograph was taken in Kragujevac, Serbia on September 5, 2004, at about 13:00 hours by Illija. In her own words: I took this photo recently. I was walking and taking some photos, and did not notice anything unusual. When I came home and transfered the photos into my PC, I noticed something strange in the sky above the monuments. Can you tell me what this object is: airplane, bird, UFO, or some funny joke from Mustek software engineers? You are free to publish this photo if you find it worthy or interesting. The photo is taken with Mustek GSmart Mini 3 camera in Kragujevac, Serbia, Eastern Europe.
2004-October. An impressive UFO was photographed at night in Valparaiso, Chile. The UFO was photographed by a journalist of "Mercury of Valparaiso" from the hill Wide Beach and constitutes a recent series of sighting of UFOS in the central zone of country. Chilean photographer Manuel Aguirre said that he crossed the city with his family, about the 19.30. He took various photos from the Emerald and at the moment he did not discover anything strange. Soon their photos showed an incredible object in the typical form of a flying subject of gossip. Information from;
2004-Great Wall of China, While on vacation in September, 2004, Paul Whitman and family were visiting the Great Wall of China. While taking a photograph of his son, Paul inadvertently caught something else in the upper left hand side of the picture. Paul was kind enough to send along his photograph to us. After doing a zoomed in enhancement of the object in question, I was unable to identify the object as any known object that I am aware of. Maybe some of our readers will have a clue as to what the object is. © Paul Whitman, original source;
2004-December 9. Panama- The FOTOCAT mail box has received two photographs (of three) taken in Panama City (Panama) on December 19, 2004 with a Canon Digital G5 camera, at 5 pm by Juan Carlos Vergara and wife, from a 4th floor near Panama Bay. Object was first sighted flying toward the witness place and it came as near as 300 or 400 metres of distance, according to the photographer, a video-producer by profession. The sighting lasted some 3 minutes, during which the object first remained hovering and motionless but it flew away rapidly by the time the photos were taken, by moving along a curve to disappear in a straight line.
2004-Guanajuato, Mexico. December 23. Eduardo Ortega and Salvador Ortega videotaped these small structures crossing the solar disk at high speed and in different directions. Upon examining the recorded images in slow-mo and frame by frame, the following images were seen. Consideration was given to the possibility that these may be the oft-mentioned "Rods", without dismissing any other type of known event. The UFOs seen in this series of photos are some of the most unusual, yet clearly defined I have seen to date.
2004-Hawaii. December 17. Mysterious streak captured by camera positioned on active volcano. An unidentified streak moving through the night sky above Hawaii has sky watchers puzzled. The streak, which can be viewed in motion on a NASA website page, was captured on film by a camera positioned on a volcano in Haleakala, Hawaii. It moves from southeast to northwest. Image of unidentified streak near center of circle. According to the NASA site, the streak was spotted on the night of Dec. 17. Another camera trained on the night sky in Hawaii, in Mauna Kea, also captured the image. original © 2005
2004-December 30. The UFO Casebook received the following report with photograph via email. Enclosed an onject sighted in Albany WA Australia on the 30th of december 2004. The thing is I am quite sceptical about ufos but when I downloaded the image to my computer I than saw this object. I cannot explain why I did not see it when I was taking the photograph as it the object is obvious in the picture. special thanks to Reinier Koning, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
2004-Norwich, Norfolk-According to eyewitness testimony of the women, she sensed something was about to happen before the UFO was seen. Photo was taken by her husband with a video camera. Husband and wife team took another photo of an unknown in 2002. original source:
2004-Canada-December 4. Received a photo of a definite UFO from Tim in Canada. The photo was taken on December 4, 2004 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. I have enlarged the section of the object in the night sky and attempted to brighten and increase the contrast on the second photo and then posterized the third photo. I used Adobe Photoshop for all tests regarding the object. A clear image of a solid object is evident. Is it an extraterrestrial UFO?, I don't know. It is a definitely an unidentifed flying object - absolutely. by Dirk Vander Ploeg, Publisher-source & references:
2004-December 21-California-Taken with a Mustek 4.0 mega pixel digital camera. I was actually working in Borrego Springs, CA which is a 3 hour drive, east from my home. Had to go through a couple of small mountain communities to get there. This pic was actually taken near Lake Cuyamaca near Julian, CA. While driving, suddenly had an overwhelming urge to take pics. The next day when I uploaded to my computer, noticed the roundish object in upper left. A big thanks to Jen.


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